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More Photography

29 May

1. A picture of a person inside

2. A picture of a person outside

3. A “natural” portrait – a picture of someone who is not looking at the camera or acting as if they’re having their picture taken

4. A close up of an object (as close as you can get with the object still in focus)

5. A picture of a building

6. A picture of a lot of something (i.e. a lot of pencils, a lot of bricks, a lot of books, a lot of people)

7. A picture of a colour (fill the picture with something that is all one colour (i.e. green grass, red bricks, grey sidewalk)

8. A picture of a texture (rough, soft, smooth, whatever)

9. A picture of a hand or hands

10. A picture that shows repetition (i.e a row of lockers, chairs, railings on stairs, books)

11. A low angle picture (camera is at a low level looking up at something or someone)

12. A high angle picture (camera is high looking down at something or someone)

13. A picture of someone moving (running, jumping, walking, etc.)

14+15. Two bonus pictures to make it an even fifteen – these can be anything you want.