Photography Portfolio

The theme of my portfolio is a brand of clothing called Glamour Kills.

For this shot, I put all my Glamour Kills shirts together and took a picture from an agle at the same height.

The shirt I chose for this shot says “Wake up this is only a dream” . I thought this fit well with the gloomy clouds in the background.

The shirt I chose for this shot says “Everything will be fine”. The flipflops and sunglasses laid on a beach chair on the dock gives it a very laid back feel.

I took an outdoorsy feel for this shot, with a shirt that says “Never have I felt so alive.”

I took a close up picture of only the print on this shirt that says Create, Destroy Love.

This picture is plain and simple, of a shirt that has the Glamour Kills logo on it.

This picture shows repetition of the logo in different colors.

I chose black and white for this shot to make it a bit more meaningful. with the field background, you can focus on the words of the shirt, which says “Love can’t hurt you”

For this picture I decided to go with a breast cancer awareness theme, as I have a shirt that was made by a team up with Keep A Breast. I chose to set it on a piano because I had sheet music for the song “How to Save a Life” by The Fray, which I thought fit with the theme in the picture.

I decided to wear one of the shirt for this shot. It says “Dream as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die tomorrow.” I kept my face out of the shot to focus on the message of the shirt, kept the background simple and added a peace sign to balance it out.


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